SJKF Board of Directors

The South Jersey Kite Flyers Board of Directors is comprised of seven members, three elected and four appointed by the elected president. The President, the 1st Vice President and the two Directors at Large are elected, the 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President. Nominations and voting for the elected positions takes place every fall, the votes are counted and the results are announced at the December meeting. The new board members are installed at the Janurary meeting. All board members serve a one year term unless re-elected.

Current 2017 Board Members

President - Mike Dallmer  Phone 215-722-4092  [email protected]

1st Vice President - Andy Selzer  Phone 856-728-8870  [email protected]

2nd Vice President - Cel Dallmer   Phone 215-722-4092  [email protected]

Secretary - Donna McGee  856-627-4970  [email protected]

Treasurer - Cel Dallmer (Interim)   215-722-4092  [email protected]

Director at Large - Dan McGee  856-627-4970  [email protected]

Director at Large - Ben Huggett - Phone 215-844-2445   [email protected]


For more information on the duties and responsibilities of these positions please see the SJKF By-Laws on the By-Laws page.